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Golden Retriever Equipment Store

TOP quality gear for your Golden Retriever: wide range of specialized and designer collars and harnesses, reliable canine leads and comfortable muzzles

Labrador Equipment Store

Professional Labrador collars, harnesses, muzzles, leashes, bite toys and tugs. Guaranteed quality and affordable prices

Dog training Equipment Internet Shop

Quality training and decorative dog collars, harnesses, canine leads, muzzles, bite toys, tugs, sleeves, suits and more. We off professional equipment for obedience and agitation training, pulling, tracking, schutzhund, K9, police and military work and much more.

High Quality Harnesses for Your Dog

Leather and nylon harnesses of quality. Items for pulling, tracking, training, assistance, service, walking and just decorative accessories are offered at a very affordable price.

Dog Collar Store

Leather, nylon and metal collars for walking, training, agitation work, identification and a excellent selection of decorated accessories

Dog Leash Store

Leather, nylon and chain leashes provide comfort for the handler and secure control of your canine. Long tracking leads, short leashes and pull tabs, couplers, multimode leads, etc. are offered at a reasonable price.

Dog Training Equipment

Quality training equipment for pulling, tracking, training, agitation work. Schutzhund and K9 training, police and military service and more. Dog collars, harnesses, muzzles, leashes, bite sleeves and other professional gear are affordable and reliable.

Herm Sprenger Collars

Choke and prong collars for obedience training. Items for any taste and purpose are available.